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Immigrant Advancement

EQOLS welcomes teachers and students from around the world to spend time with our instructors to improve their quality of life by strengthening their personal and professional skills.

Countries Represented:


El Salvador        Peru                Pakistan         China

Korea               Mexico            Sudan           Morocco

Chad               Bolivia             Egypt            Columbia           

India                Puerto Rico       Afghanistan    Honduras   

Bangladesh       Saudi Arabia    Indonesia       USA


A Path to citizenShip

EQOLS is so thrilled that one of our members, Olinda Rivas, took her oath and is now a U.S. citizen!
An incredible person working full time and raising three young daughters, she still finds plenty of time to volunteer with EQOLS teaching English. Within a span of six months she also went through the time-consuming, rather complex process of filling out the 18+ page citizenship application, preparing all the paperwork, and studying for the citizenship test. Do you know who was the President of the U.S. during World War 1? Ask Olinda. She remains dedicated to helping others improve their quality of life through education and knowledge. Thank you Olinda!!

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