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Note to teachers:

Each chapter contains a complete lesson plan for a 60-90 minute conversation class. Minimal preparation required with a “teaching by number” format that gets the students reading and speaking immediately. New to teaching English? The Teacher’s Guide chapter has tips on how to facilitate fun, enriching sessions that celebrate our amazing, diverse community and deepen our appreciation of each other.

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ESL Conversation & Grammar Workbook

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Enjoy improving your English conversation skills with a tutor, friend, or on your own with ... 

  • Over 150 fun, interesting questions on many different topics

  • Sample responses to model speaking or writing

  • Grammar practice in every chapter with answer key for quick feedback

  • Advanced vocabulary words in context to use in your conversations

  • English test with answers to identify areas for improvement

  • Over 25 hours of practice to become more confident speaking English

ESL Conversation & Grammar Workbook

The workbook is also available in electronic format. Download ebook as a pdf.

Citizenship Workbook

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Ready to be a U.S. citizen?
This workbook includes the application and takes you through the process step by step from completing the application to passing the interview with the immigrations officer. Easy to read and understand for English language learners, this workbook has civics test questions with answers, words to know for the interview, and a study guide to prepare for the reading and writing tests. Use the workbook to prepare on your own, with a tutor, or as a complete set of materials for a citizenship class.​ 

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