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Adult Computer Skills

Adults learn the basics of using computer (email, document storage, word processing). Parents of LCPS students learned how to view their children’s academic progress by accessing and navigating ParentVUE. Laptops are provided to adults who don’t have one. Those that do bring their own laptops in get the assistance of our computer savvy volunteers who troubleshoot and resolve memory, storage, wifi and software issues so their computers run better and internet access is simple and straightforward. Their children can work on their computer skills at the same time in an adjacent room.

The challenge Of electronic communication

Those of you who are parents with children at Loudoun County Public Schools are aware that LCPS has moved to electronic communication for everything from report cards to homework assignments to free and reduced lunch forms. In addition, nearly all important information related to college applications, internships, and extracurricular opportunities have become paperless at LCPS. While electronic communication is beneficial for many families, there is a significant population of under-resourced English Language Learner (ELL) families who are being left behind due to their lack of basic computer proficiency. School Parent Liaisons have been overwhelmed with requests for computer help with ParentVUE and electronic forms. At one Leesburg elementary school for example, 35% of students are Latino, and only 10% of the Latino parents have logged into ParentVUE, which is the only way for parents to now monitor their child’s grades, assignments, and attendance.


EQOLS has teamed up with the LCPS Department of Pupil Services to identify ELL parents who have never logged onto ParentVUE. Volunteer instructors and Spanish speakers work with them to set up a ParentVUE account and also to provide individualized, hands-on instruction based on the parents’ skills and access to a computer, wifi, smartphone, as well as their English language proficiency.

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