(Elevating Quality of Life Skills) is a collaboration of local groups seeking to elevate the quality of life of our Loudoun community through education, skills, confidence, and greater access to resources.

Our students have…

  • Created their first resumes

  • Passed the US citizenship test

  • Obtained jobs

  • Had their initial exposure to computer programming

  • Created email accounts

  • Passed GED tests

  • Created websites

  • Honed job-specific competencies

  • Improved their everyday communication skills in English

Programs include:

  • Spanish-English biliteracy for children

  • Life Skills English communication

  • Adult Computer & Smartphone Literacy

  • One-to-One Tutoring

  • ESL Tutor Training

  • Computer Skills for Children & Teens

  • Immigrant Advancement Workshops

Loudoun County Department of Substance Abuse Prevention and Mental Health

Loudoun Workforce Resource Center

We are tremendously grateful to our generous supporters...